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UNEXPLAINED ISLAND is a new genre TV documentary about strange and ghostly tales from the Isle of Wight. This is really a passion project as I've been collecting weird stories and supernatural yarns all my life, and always saw a gap in the market for a UK documentary of this stye and content. 

Our documentary includes ghost hunting at Norris Castle, sightings of big cats, the story of the real Miss Havisham, strange lighthouse entities, ghostly figures on the shore, a reported sea monster and a historic skeleton in a cabinet at The Spyglass Inn. 

Narrated by the legendary Paul McGann and starring the wonderfully funny Colin Carmichael (118, Detectorists, Secret diary of a call girl) who is an islander himself. Joining him on his investigations are myself, Andy McLeod, Hanna Nixon and Angelina Grimshaw. 


Executive producers are Tim Whittard (from Britain's Big Cat Mystery, Cat Hunters, Panethera Britannia), myself, Kevin Early (The Jewel of the South) and Richard Topping. 

Shot in April 2023 and currently in post production. 


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