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Strange Waters 

Strange Waters is my debut short film as both writer and producer, and also for our director, Andy McLeod. The film was shot during lockdown, locally here in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight and out at sea over on Spitbank fort during June 2021. 

It felt as though this project has been blessed from the outset. Firstly, to get access to such an incredible historic Victorian fort to film on. We then got our first choice of actors and found a brilliant creative crew. We knew that with such a talented team we could create something really special. Honestly, this project has been so much fun from start to finish.

We are in the process of submitting to the international festival circuit, and we have achieved some great wins and nominations to date.

For all film information go to: 

Our film is now available to watch at 

Strange Waters on Vimeo  (Password 'strange')

Watch our trailer at:

WINNER - BEST HORROR - Hollywoods Monthly Film Festival - 2022.png
WINNER - BEST TRAILER - London Independent Film Awards - 2022.png
FINALIST - 26th Annual Fade In Awards Horror Competition - 2022.png
WINNER - BEST THRILLER - London Movie Awards - 2022.png
FT Sessions Finalist Black Text.png
Winner - Best HorrorThrillerSci-Fi Short  - London Independent Film Awards - 2022.png
WINNER  - Hastings Rocks Film Festival - 2022-BlackText.png
Thrills Chills Kills Best Director.png
OFFICIALSELECTION-SouthportInternationalShortFilmFestival-2022-black text.png
Thrills Chills Kills Best Cinematography.png
BEST HORROR  - London Rocks Film Festival - 2022-black.png
WINNER - BEST PERFORMANCES - ThrillerSuspense Festival 2022 - Strange Waters-black.png
NOMINEE - Unrestricted View Film Festival - 2022-Blacktext.png
NOMINEE - Gold Movie Awards  - 2022-blacktext.png
WINNER - BEST THRILLER - London Indie Short Festival - 2022-Black.png
NOMINEE - APEX Film Awards - 2022-Black.png
OFFICIALSELECTION-B-BesideTheSeaside2022-black text.png
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