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The Day of the Sun Dog

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A short film which I wrote and produced, currently on the festival circuit in 2023/24. Shot in June 2022 on location in Wellow, Isle of Wight and starring Paul McGann (Doctor Who / Withnail and I) and Kerrie Taylor (Hollyoaks / The Bay), directed by Andy McLeod. 


Clare is a grieving widow, now living alone with their ageing terrier, she's fearful of life outside the confines of the house. The arrival of the mysterious Jaggers leads to the sign from the afterlife she's been so desperately seeking...

The story was a personal one I wanted to tell, firstly, how people deal with grief but also the signs we look for, to give us hope and promise there is something more when we die. How we all have to accept change  in our lives. A  'Sun dog' is a rare halo of ice that appears around the sun, usually meaning a change in the weather, or as Native American Indians used to think, an omen of change.

I was thrilled to be able to sign such wonderful actors on this project, who were a total joy to work with. Our crew were equally amazing, most of who I worked with on my last film project. With the exception of the director and editor, all crew were from the Isle of Wight. It was great to be able to employ local talent and champion the island. 

They say never work with animals or children, but ignoring that warning, this story has a dog as a central character. We worked with Michael Gong and his dog 'Alvin' who undertook months of training for the project. I think we all fell in love with 'Alvie' on the shoot. 

Please scroll down to watch the film!


BEST BRITISH SHORT FILM - Lion of Light Awards - 2023-white text.png
WINNER - BEST DRAMA - Brighton Rocks International Film Festival - 2023 - White text.png
SunDog_PLATINUM AWARD - Fortean Film Festival - 2023_edited.png
BEST OF FESTIVAL - Fortean Film Festival - 2023.png
BEST DOG AWARD - Ealing Film Festival  - 2023.png
BEST PERFORMANCE - Brighton Rocks International Film Festival - 2023.png

The Film

The Day of the Sun Dog

Starring Paul McGann, Kerrie Taylor and 'Alvin' the dog. 

Written & Produced by Rowena Amos

Directed by Andy McLeod

A 9 of Cups Production 2023

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